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“If you could hold the attention of your students the way a magician can...

and teach them how to prevent bullying, wouldn’t you jump at the opportunity?”

Check out this video.   

My name is Kelvin Saline and I am a motivational speaker from Duluth who specializes in combining education to teach with entertainment to inspire. This makes educational assemblies memorable and fun. Just ask the people at Barnum Elementary (Barnum), Washington and Churchill Elementary Schools (Cloquet), Washington Memorial School (Ely), Nett Lake Elementary (Nett Lake), NE Range Elementary (Babbitt), Van Dyke Elementary (Coleraine), Hamilton Elementary (Coon Rapids), Stowe Elementary (Duluth), Brightwater Montessori (Minneapolis), Bryant Elementary (Superior), Chatfield Elementary (Chatfield), Kaleidoscope Charter (Otsego), Onamia Elementary (Onamia), Ellsworth Elementary (Ellsworth), Kimbal Elementary (Kimbal), Vaughan and Chisholm Elementary Schools (Chisholm), Chokio-Alberta Elementary (Chokio), Murray County Central Elementary (Slayton), Willow River Elementary (Willow River), Floodwood Elementary (Floodwood), Red Rock Elementary (Jeffers), Wadena Elementary (Wadena), Longfellow Elementary (West Allis), Parkers Prairie Elementary (Parkers Prairie), Fairchild Elementary (Fairchild), Pearson Elementary (Wheaton), Brooten Elementary (Brooten), Dr SG Knight Elementary (Randall), Lincoln Elementary (Little Falls), IGEMS (Livingston), Zumbrota-Mazeppa Primary (Zumbrota), North Hudson Elementary (Hudson), Oxford Elementary (Oxford), Coloma Elementary (Coloma), Remer Elementary (Remer), Cochran-Fountain Middle School (Gilmanton), Cottage Grove Elementary (Cottage Grove), Win-E-Mac Elementary (Erskine), Fisher Public School (Fisher), Alma Area Schools (Alma), Keshena Primary (Keshena), Solon Springs Elementary (Solon Springs), Turtle Lake Elementary (Turtle Lake), Cedar Mountain Elementary (Franklin), Westby Elementary (Westby), Prairie View Elementary (De Soto), Greenvale Park Elementary (Northfield), Cuba City Elementary (Cuba City), Big Fork Elementary (Big Fork), Loyal Elementary (Loyal), Doerfler Elementary (Milwaukee), Florence Elementary (Florence), Sugar Camp Elementary (Rhinelander), Indus Elementary (Birchdale), Bert Raney Elementary (Ganite Falls), .Fairmont Elementary (Fairmont), Marathon Elementary (Marathon), Prairie Elementary (Worthington), Potosi Elementary (Potosi), Fennimore Elementary (Fennimore), Pepin Elementary (Pepin), Stoddard Elementary (Stoddard), Arcadia Elementary (Arcadia), Prairie Woods Elementary (New London), Doudna Elementary (Richland Center), Jefferson Elementary (Richland Center), Indian Mounds Elementary (Bloomington), Brighton Elementary (Kansasville), Woodland Elementary (Barron), Knapp Elementary (Knapp), and Laura MacArthur Elementary (Duluth), Goodview Elementary (Winona), Phillips Elementary (Phillips), Mesabi East Elementary (Aurora), North Woods Elementary (Cook), Hamilton Elementary (La Crosse), Sawtooth Elementary (Grand Marais), Plover-Whiting Elementary (Plover), Glenville-Emmons Elementary (Glenville), Meadowbrook Elementary (Waukesha), Abbottsford Elementary (Abbottsford), Rice Elementary (Rice), Lincoln Elementary (Hibbing), Prairie Farm Elementary (Prairie Farm), Spence Elementary (La Crosse), Westfield Elementary (Westfield), Highland and Washington Elementary (Crookston), or Lakewood Elementary (Duluth).

5 Powerful Reasons I Can Help You Make Your Assembly The Best Ever

1. Clean Humor. You’ll be thrilled as you hear your students laugh and see all the smiles during my very funny and clean presentations.

2. More Audience Participation Than You Can Shake A Stick At. Your students help with the magical visual aids in my program. This makes your event much more fun for everyone!

3. Proven Bully Awareness and Management Strategies. Defines what bullying is, illustrates the problems bullying causes, shows what children can do to deal with bullies, and the best action to take to prevent bullying.

4. A Proven Track Record So You Can Feel Confident. How can you be confident that the person you hire is really good? Every speaker claims to be good, but that certainly isn’t any assurance, is it? The best way to know is by what the principals have to say. Here are a few comments I have received:

“Mr. Saline entertained the children with magic tricks and ventriloquist/puppet skills. He intertwined messages about how to stand up to a bully, what bystanders can do, and the appropriate way to report bullying to an adult.” Mrs. Laurie Kess, Principal, Washington Memorial School

“The message of ‘The Bully’ was right on and memorable. I would recommend your bully show for kids. I would also recommend your magic as I believe that everyone can use a little magic in their life!!” Jamie Berkland, Hamilton Elementary Coon Rapids PTO President

“Your program provided a great message. Thanks for your presentation.” Larry Udesen, Principal, Stowe Elementary School

"We are so thankful that you came to our school.  To see the smiling faces and different way to present bullying to our students was awesome!"  Esther Soto, Parent Involvement Coordinator, Anna F. Doerfler School

“Did a great job with a large body of students ranging from Pre-K to 5th Grade.  Just enough magic to keep their attention, but loved how you really taught them about Bullying and kept reinforcing your message throughout the program.  The message of "Tell an Adult" was wonderful and I think sometimes students hear the message all the time at school, but actually listen when it comes from an outside source, so thank you for getting that message through to those students. Lita Landwehr, PTO President, Abbotsford Elementary School

5. Guaranteed Results: If after my program you are not completely satisfied, I respectfully ask that you tear up my check. I make this bold guarantee because out of the hundreds of programs I’ve presented no one has ever requested their money back. Once again, I give you this guarantee so you can feel completely confident in your decision to utilize my services. 

An Educational Package Guaranteed To Make Your Assembly More Fun, More Memorable, More Incredible, More Dynamic, And More Enjoyable Than Ever Before

“The Bully”

Should this much fun be banned? Kelvin Saline’s “The Bully” presentation utilizes magic and ventriloquism as “visual aids” to help illustrate proven bully management strategies. Your students will discover how to deal with bullies in a positive manner, the power of bringing adult attention to a bullying situation, and much more in a fun and memorable way. By combining education to teach with entertainment to inspire, you get an enjoyable program that will inspire your students, increase their bully awareness, and have lasting impact.

Do you want an assembly that will be remembered long-term? Then “The Bully” is exactly what you need!

Check out this video.

The standard fee is $500. However, if you book the program for Fall 2019 or Spring 2020 I’ll give you a special rate of $400.

Okay, Kelvin, Everything Sounds Great ... Now What?

Simply email me at or text me at 218-591-7693, or even call me and leave a message.

I would love to work with you to help you teach your students how to prevent bullying in your school with this fun and inspiring program.



Kelvin Saline, Motivational Magician