Your School Recognizes the Importance Of Family Values
And The Opportunity To Raise Hundreds of Dollars
By Providing A Positive Event To Your Community!

How would you like to see children’s faces light up with excitement and leave them so thoroughly mesmerized that they’re talking about it for weeks afterwards?

“Watching the eyes light up on the children and the amazement on the faces of the adults was a treat”
-Vivian Sylvester, Bananaz Entertainment Complex, Duluth

How would you like the 500 or more dollars raised by the performance to go into YOUR fundraising account?

Instead of feeling guilty about pushing people to buy things they don’t really want, or running a raffle or prize draw that leaves 99.9% of contributors having received nothing for their money, doesn’t putting on an event that has the entire community thanking you sound like a much more rewarding option?

Harness the goodwill created by bringing a positive family event to the community and raise money with no risk, very little time commitment, and almost no work - like magic!  Stay with me here, I don’t use the word “magic” lightly.

In this report I’m going to tell you exactly how I GUARANTEE that this project will make you money.

Rings in action closer.jpg


Step #1. Have the right event. Focus on the right market.

At this time the demand for “family entertainment” is at an all-time high. The reason for that is ... demographics. The baby-boomer generation accounts for the largest population bulge by far, and right now the boomers have raised their children and are now enjoying their grandchildren.

Result: An enormous family market!

(For evidence of this, just take a look at how many new family channels are being offered on television, and the resurgence of Disney animation with new features and video re-releases). If you want an event fundraiser that’s virtually guaranteed to succeed, stay away from special-interest or “niche markets” and go with something that has a built-in, ready-made, large audience.

Magic has long been recognized as the ideal family entertainment. It crosses over generational boundaries and indeed brings out the child in all of us ... something parents and grand parents can enjoy right along with their children and grandchildren. For examples of this look at the increased use of magic in mainstream entertainment - magicians in America’s Got Talent, network TV shows like Deception and blockbuster movies like Now You See Me and Now You See Me 2 - all featuring magicians as the leading characters.

Step #2. Set a goal and follow your plan.

Not doing this is the main reason why many fundraising efforts fail. Without a clear goal and plan of action to get you there, everything is left up to chance. And with so many worthwhile organizations all competing for dollars to sustain their activities, you simply cannot afford to make this mistake. Goals should be set for your entire yearly fundraising agenda as well as for individual fundraising efforts. The best plan “dovetails” one fundraiser into another, allowing you to achieve maximum results with minimum effort.

The Magic Village Fundraising Show “dovetails” easily because it takes so little effort or time. You can do this right along with any other fundraiser you already have. For example if you’re already selling items as a fundraiser, why not set up a table at the show and sell them there?  Why not raise awareness of school programs, events, issues, or causes you are promoting by setting up a table at the magic show?  You could add a silent auction to the show.  The possibilities are endless.

Step #3. Publicize your event.

You need to create publicity that builds awareness and draws huge crowds to your event.  One way to do this is through the use of posters hung everywhere in town. Other ways to publicize is by staging publicity stunts, involving local celebrities, holding contests, giving away free prizes, and so on.

My favorite method, besides posters, is an art show. Have the students submit artwork to be on display in the hallway, the lobby, anywhere prominent that they can be seen and appreciated by the community as they come to the magic show. This can actually accomplish two goals: one - the art show increases community involvement in the event, and two - if the art was magic show related, it could also advertise the fundraiser if it was on display in advance in shopping centers, church lobbies, sports events, other community events, etc. along with a few posters raising awareness of what the funds raised will be used for, and of course the time and location of the show.

Locking him up ....JPG

The basic plan for making money with “Magic Village” is to schedule the show in your auditorium or gymnasium, plan your publicity, collect money at the door, deposit your money.

The show is geared to families and is enjoyed by adults and children alike. Magic, ventriloquism, escapes, comedy, and audience participation are all set about a theme about the job opportunities attempted by Charlie, the ventriloquist dummy. His attempt at being a doctor is demonstrated by the sawing an audience volunteer in two. His attempt to be a security guard is demonstrated by audience members locking up the magician in a set of old wooden stocks. As you can tell, there is a lot of audience interaction in this show.

What my clients say about my show is MUCH more important than what I say. Please read the following “reviews” of my show and realize that I’ll get great results like this for you too....

“You brought something new and exciting to the entertained crowds.  Thank you so much for your “premiere” performance at the 38th annual festival.”
--- The Land of the Loon Committee, Virginia

It was a complete hit! Thank you for adding a little magic to our Masquerade Ball. Very appreciated.”
--- CHOICE Unlimited Arts Program, Duluth

“Your act is delightful and the families enjoyed it a lot. I’m so sorry about the rain interruption, but I will always have a picture in my mind of your valor as you “unroped” yourself and followed the great tradition: “The Show Must Go ON!”
--- Pat Feit, ArtSoup Festival 2003, Elk River

“Thank you for coming to our festival. Sorry I didn't get to catch much of your show but what I saw was great!”
--- Allison Moser, ArtSoup Festival 2015, Elk River

Here’s how this works:

You receive a customized flyer and letter that you can copy and send home with the kids.

You pay no money up front, therefore you have no risk. We simply split the ticket sales 50/50. You can’t lose, I assume all the risk, and even in a worst-case scenario you still make money.

Let’s keep the amount of money that I can make limited to $750. We split the ticket sales 50/50, and when my portion gets to $750 you keep the rest.

It’s tough to say no to this isn’t it?

Think about it, you have no risk, very little work to do, marketing materials are provided to you - you’re guaranteed to make money.

The steps to putting on a successful fundraising event detailed at the beginning of this report are good advice for any type of “event” fundraiser, whether it’s a concert, play, celebrity competition, ... or magic show.

The magic show is super easy because you don’t have to deal with any logistics of getting kids ready to put on a show. The busiest part of this for you is doing the art show as described. It’s not required, but I personally believe it will be a fun project for the kids to do in school and a source of pride when their artwork is on display. And it doubles as good publicity for your event.

OK, call or text me at 218-591-7693 or email me at and lets get this on the calendar.